Toobz-Free app for iPhone and iPad

4.1 ( 2761 ratings )
Games Puzzle Strategy
Developer: Jason Haslup
Current version: 3.0, last update: 1 year ago
First release : 24 Nov 2008
App size: 6.71 Mb

Toobz-Free is a challenging, fast-paced game that brings together quick reactions, planning, and a little bit of luck.

Your goal is to create a system of "Toobz" (pipes) beginning at a randomly-placed starting point. Your Toobz network must allow water to flow without any spilling. As you advance through levels, youll have less and less time to place the pieces before the water starts automatically. You can start the water at any time, allowing you to quickly advance to the next level and earn extra points. If you spill any water, though, your game is over and youll have to try again.

Toobz-Free features three game modes: "Classic Toobz" in which only one upcoming piece is displayed, "Show Toobz" game in which the next four pieces are displayed, and the new "Puzzle" game that starts you out with a full board.

Pros and cons of Toobz-Free app for iPhone and iPad

Toobz-Free app good for

This was one of the first apps I ever downloaded and I still play it after >2 years.
U should get this app. Really fun and really challenging. And its
Ive been playing it for more than 3 years and its still awesome.
I think Im the only person in the world playing this lol. Started playing this again after a few years and still fun but lots if bugs.
Great update! The visuals are a bit bland but since it matches the look of iOS 7 I think it makes it better! You got rid of my favorite game mode, the rotating game where you placed them and you could rotate the the pipe any way you wanted, but puzzle is pretty much the same and it is also very enjoyable! Overall great update and cant wait to see what your next move is!
The new model is much better. It looks cleaner and smoother now

Some bad moments

Toobz was once a great game, the "upgrade" destroyed it. Why would they change the format substantially and add the ad banners constantly? I have never played again. I miss the old Toobz.
Tee it up doesnt work. Ive met the requirements for that achievement several times and it never flags as completed. 10 tee pieces plus 10 other pieces w/ water... and nothing happens.
I have been playing this like crazy and now, new looks!? Why???? Need to put old one back!!!
With this update she will no longer have endure the amount of hours that Ive blissfully enjoyed playing Toobz. Deleted!
Yo version was a lot better On top of that I like the music is well
This new version is awful looking! It looks like an app someone made in 5 min with their spare time. There are no options for anything. Plain ugly white. Bring the old back! Will be looking for a new app.