Toobz-Free App Reviews

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Great game

This was one of the first apps I ever downloaded and I still play it after >2 years.

Its fun❗❗❗

U should get this app. Really fun and really challenging. And its


Ive been playing it for more than 3 years and its still awesome.

This game is SO much

So addictive!

I dont hate it or love it

I play on my toilet and then flush when I hit run water so I can pretend Im watching everything go down

iPad version...?

I love playing this game. Yes, it is completely pointless, as some other reviews so delicately pointed out, but it is fun. Its a just game people. My only qualm with this one is there is no iPad version. Not sure why. Ive been playing this since it came out for iPhone and since my 1st gen iPad, Ive wondered why no iPad version. Would make it much more enjoyable. Other than that little detail,its a lot of fun.

A beautiful game ruined

Toobz was once a great game, the "upgrade" destroyed it. Why would they change the format substantially and add the ad banners constantly? I have never played again. I miss the old Toobz.

Needs update and bug fix

I think Im the only person in the world playing this lol. Started playing this again after a few years and still fun but lots if bugs.



Achievement Broken

Tee it up doesnt work. Ive met the requirements for that achievement several times and it never flags as completed. 10 tee pieces plus 10 other pieces w/ water... and nothing happens.


Great update! The visuals are a bit bland but since it matches the look of iOS 7 I think it makes it better! You got rid of my favorite game mode, the rotating game where you placed them and you could rotate the the pipe any way you wanted, but puzzle is pretty much the same and it is also very enjoyable! Overall great update and cant wait to see what your next move is!

Why change??

I have been playing this like crazy and now, new looks!? Why???? Need to put old one back!!!

My wife thanks you!

With this update she will no longer have endure the amount of hours that Ive blissfully enjoyed playing Toobz. Deleted!


The new model is much better. It looks cleaner and smoother now

Very disappointed

Yo version was a lot better On top of that I like the music is well

White and blinding!

This new version is awful looking! It looks like an app someone made in 5 min with their spare time. There are no options for anything. Plain ugly white. Bring the old back! Will be looking for a new app.

New screen

I dont like the new play screen. Theres not enough contrast, too white. Restore the old classic screen. I really like the score summary after each round but Id rather the time count down instead of the slider.


I loved this game. "Loved" The new version is horrid. No excuse for this, no more options in options menu and game looks like it was designed by an infant. Deleted.

New design is a visual fail!

I used to enjoy Toobz, but no longer. The new design is way too elementary and stark white. I have deleted the app and wont recommend it to anyone. Jason, this is a fail.


I dont really care about the color. Yeah the grass was nicer. The puzzle game option is awful! 4 corner pieces with nothing to line up to at all?! Other pieces that wont line up no mater which way you turn the pipes? Also a cap pipe right where the water comes out?!?! Horrible!!!!